COVID-19 Update - 24 April 2020

Great Progress in Both Fronts – Recovery from TC Harold & COVID-19


TC Harold

Hon. Prime Minister reaffirmed that assistance has made its way to the hardest-hit areas across Fiji, with thousands of food ration packs and other supplies being delivered to even the most remote corners of the country.


Additional incentives made available to Fijians include:

1) Rural Housing Assistance programme - the Ministry of Housing and Community Development is working to provide relief to high-need households as quickly as possible.


​​2) Subsidising the cost of government-procured building materials for eligible households –– those making less than $15,000 a year -– on a one-third, two-thirds basis. Alternately, those applying for assistance can cover the cost of all building materials, but pay more affordable rates thanks to government bulk-buying, and then have those discounted materials delivered to them with all shipping costs covered –– even in our most remote maritime communities.


3) Fallen Trees repurposed into timber that will be provided free-of-charge for impacted homes by the Ministry of Forestry.


4) For anyone benefiting from this programme who cannot secure carpenters of their own, the Ministry of Housing and Community Development’s carpentry team –– assisted by the Public Rental Board –– will be provided free of charge for repairs and reconstruction. They will also be assisting with building plans to ensure the new homes are cyclone-resilient, and they’ll also be carrying out site inspections to keep everything up to standard.


Hon. Prime Minister announced the full recovery of 10 of 18 patients from the virus, indicating that there are eight active cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Fiji –– meaning that, for the first time, more Fijians have recovered than are currently still living with the virus.


Since Monday, the 20th of April, 114 more samples were tested for COVID-19, and all have returned negative –– meaning that again, there is zero new cases to report. The health screening effort in Ba continues to progress.


Changes in Restrictions

The Hon. Prime Minister announced the following changes:

  1. Curfew Hours – 10pm – 5am

  2. Inter-Island Travel - Sunday the 26th of April resume all passenger inter-island travel, by air and sea. All are encouraged to provide hand sanitiser to passengers upon boarding, and members of the public are encouraged to wear masks while travelling.

  3. Social Gathering - from Monday, the 27th of April, social gatherings of 20 people or fewer will be allowed.

  4. Nightclubs, swimming pools, cinemas, and gyms will all continue to remain closed. Houses of worship, as well, will remain closed until further notice.

  5. Schools will remain closed as well until the 12th of June 2020.

  6. Physical distancing of two metres should be maintained at all times. No sharing of cigarettes, or takis or bilos during grog sessions. Limit unnecessary person-to-person contact as much as humanly possible. 


The Prime Minister also announced that Ministry of Health is now launching a door-to-door campaign to combat LTDD: Leptospirosis, Typhoid, Dengue, and Diarrhea. He encouraged the public to cooperate with the official from the Ministry of Health doing door to check for symptoms.

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