COVID-19 Update - 20 April 2020

Increase by 1 & 3 Recover

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TC Harold

The relevant authorities continue to work towards restoring services back to normal and providing necessary help to affected Fijians.


For many, help has already arrived, with food rations being delivered and clean-up commenced in some of the hardest-hit areas. Electricity and water supply has been restored for most of the country.

The Fijian agricultural sector saw over 27 million dollars of damages from the immense levels of rain and flooding throughout Fiji. Overall, more than 180,000 Fijians saw their homes, their lives and livelihoods suffer from the brunt of Harold. This includes more than 500 homes being destroyed, with many hundreds more suffering damage. FRA’s infrastructure network, including the roading and jetties, took a 22-million-dollar hit.


COVID-19 - Increase by 1 & 3 Recover

Hon. Prime Minister confirmed, that as of 20 April 2020, Fiji recorded 18 cases of COVID-19. The 18th patient is a 51 year old female of Ba, who has a travel history from USA and was tested “soft Positive”.

With her following all the requirements of self- isolation, she poses as a low risk patient. However, all three of her family members have been isolated and other casual contacts traced and entered into compulsory home quarantine.

The Honorable Prime Minister further confirmed that three Fijians diagnosed with the virus have made full recoveries. That means these Fijians have tested negative for the virus twice, with over 24 hours in between tests. The other 15 patients remain in stable condition.


Protective Measures in Place


Ban on social gatherings continues to exist to stop the sort of person-to-person contact that spreads the deadly coronavirus.

The Ba Town will not go into lockdown, however, mobile teams will be conducting a large-scale screening of the entire province.

Only two visitors a day will be allowed to see a patient, and the visitation window will only be one hour. Visitors will enter facilities one at a time and will need to be health-checked prior to entry.


The standing ban on visitations to isolation wards and facilities will continue.

Introduction of compulsory testing for Fijians returning from overseas in government-funded quarantine after 14 days –– if they test negative after the critical 14-day incubation period, they will be able to spend the remaining 14 days of their quarantine at home. 


Supermarkets, retailers, and shops should have hand sanitiser available and prominent signage instructing physical distancing.

Children and elderly to refrain from moving out and about. Social gatherings are banned, and the 8pm to 5am curfew remains in effect.

Call to the Nation

Hon. Prime Minister in his address, reiterated that:

“I know it’s not always easy. It’s not easy to keep children at home. It’s not easy to manage shopping, care-giving and bread-winning, while also adhering to all of our directives. It’s not easy to go without seeing friends and family for social gatherings. But these directives save lives.”

He further called upon everyone to seize ownership over our health and take responsibility for the laws designed to keep this virus at bay. He urged the public to at not stay silent if you see someone in breach and call number 158 or the dial the police.


The Prime Minister also honoured the life of Mr Morotikei Mainilala, a Turaga-ni-Koro serving in Baleyaganiga Village on Vanua Levu, who gave up his life trying to break up a public gathering –– a drinking party.

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