COVID-19 Update - 06 April 2020

Increase In Number Of Cases


Key Message to All

Stay at home, save lives. 

Tiko i vale me da bula kece kina. 
Ghare raho, jaan bachao

Increase in Number of Cases - Plus 2

The Hon. Prime Minister today in his address to the Nation, reconfirmed the 12th Case (the daughter in law of the India returned gentleman of Labasa), positive of COVID-19.

Additionally, Hon. PM, also confirmed two additional positive cases for Fiji, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 14. Two additional cases include:

  • Wife of gentleman from Labasa;

  • sister of Fiji’s very first case, the flight attendant from Lautoka and mother of COVID-positive one-year old baby.

Both cases are close contacts of previous patients, and both were already in isolation when their symptoms developed and they tested positive. So, the risk of further transmission is very low.

Person of Interest

Fiji also has a person of interest, identified by the Lautoka fever testing team, who till yesterday have screened the temperatures of nearly 10,000 Fijians in the Lautoka confined area. This man is not only displaying other symptoms, but also had a recent travel history –– a history he was hiding from officials. 

Lautoka Lockdown to be Lifted

Hon. Prime Minister, confirmed that after 18 days, the lockdown of broader Lautoka confined area will be lifted tomorrow at 5am. However, the Authorities will be announcing a new confined area within Lautoka based on movements of the “Person of Interest” identified.


Power of “Vei Lomani”

“Once again the sense of patriotic duty, has showed us the power of the spirit of “vei lomani” –– that profound sense of love and devotion to the protection of our people” – Hon Prime Minister.


He echoed these sentiments while praising the efforts of the hundreds of our Fiji Police officers and RFMF personnel, who spent the rainy weekend conducting COVID-19 protection operations. He also applauded the efforts of all Fijians who have shown respect to the rules and kept themselves and their loved ones at home.


The number of arrests for curfew breaches on Sunday night fell to 21 from 110 the night prior.

Reoccurring Message:


Stay at Home. Save Lives. This the best way we beat this virus.



Tropical Cyclone Harold

At present Fiji prepares to fight for two crises, given that Tropical Cyclone Harold intensified into a category five cyclone this morning, with Vanuatu in its immediate path, and parts of Fiji also at risk. Fiji can expect heavy rains and flooding from Cyclone Harold from tomorrow –– meaning floodwaters and road closures will likely add a new layer of complexity to our containment efforts. 


This situation, shall not allow to jeopardize our live saving game plan said, Hon. Prime Minister. He also gave a strong message to all:

“Our discipline forces will be giving orders not advice and they won’t tolerate disobedience, so do what you are told”.

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