COVID-19 Update - 04 April 2020

Increase In Number Of Cases


Key Message to All

Stay at home, save lives. 

Tiko i vale me da bula kece kina. 
Ghare raho, jaan bachao

Increase in Number of Cases

Fiji as of 4 March 2020 has confirmed five new cases of the coronavirus overnight.


This is our single largest jump in cases in a day. Week over week, our new case numbers have doubled.  

The new cases includes:

  1. The highly suspected patient, who returned from India. He likely became infected at a large religious gathering he attended while overseas in India. He was thought to be the source for Patients 6 and 7.  This patient did not declare any symptoms when returning from travel, and did not follow the directive of entering into government-mandated home quarantine –– a compulsory requirement for all those returning to the country from abroad that came into effect on the 19th of March;

  2. Gentleman from Soasoa Labasa;

  3. Navua Isolation: 11 year old daughter of the couple who tested positive for the virus in the Nabua Settlement;

  4. Lautoka confined area: the 39-year-old sister of case number five –– the woman from our first patient’s Zumba class –– developed symptoms after she was already placed in quarantine within Natabua School;

  5. A new case in Nadi which is unrelated to any of our other patients. This is a 20-year-old woman who also entered self-quarantine immediately after returning to Fiji from Auckland, New Zealand.

All Measures Implemented Remain in Force

The Hon. Prime Minister called upon each and every Fijian to take cue from the Global happenings and do the right thing.

The measures implemented till now include:

  • Nationwide curfew are 8pm to 5am,

  • Lautoka locke down.

  • Suva locke down.

  • Social gatherings are banned.

  • Nightclubs, gyms and swimming pools are closed.

  • Passenger travel by air and sea has ceased.

  • Lock Down of 240-square-metre portion of Soasoa area on Vanua Levu –– where the contact tracing for the first case in the North is underway.

Breach of Implemented Rules

As of 3 March 2020, 123 individuals have been arrested for violating curfew, an increase of 63 arrests made the day before.

Also, 2 rugby players violated compulsory quarantine, who thankfully have been arrested and isolated.

A mother violated rules for inter-island travel and shipped her family to Wakaya Island.

Hon. Prime Minister reiterated “We are at war with the most devastating global pandemic in 100 years and any disobedience in our ranks will cost us lives. We don’t care who you are, rules are rules. Break them, and you will be found and punished. It doesn’t matter how famous you are, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, it doesn’t even matter how religious you feel you are, no one has the magic cure to coronavirus, and no one is immune to our laws”.


Frontline Actors

Hon. PM also acknowledged the efforts of all frontline officers, either of the medical, healthcare, tracing team, law enforcement, fire fighters and so, who have been sacrificing so much to care for their community.


Future Implications

Hon. Prime Minister also implied that if we don’t see the numbers of our curfew and quarantine violations go dramatically down, we will initiate a nationwide 24-hour curfew.

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