COVID-19 Update

Confirmation of Two New Cases


As of today the 2nd of April, Fiji confirms two new cases of COVID-19. Our sixth case is a 21-year-old woman and our seventh case is her 33-year-old husband.


The Couple with their daughter have been transported securely and hygienically in an ambulance to the Navua Hospital Isolation Ward.

The symptoms of these two newest cases started with just a runny nose, therefore the public is urged to immediately dial 158, our new, 24-hour toll-free coronavirus helpline, if you have any symptoms at all.

These two cases are unrelated to our first five cases and the Authorities are actively identifying all of these individuals’ close contacts.

On the contrary, the first five COVID-19 patients remain in stable condition, none have been cleared as recovered.

Measures Implemented

For a period of 14 days, starting from Friday, 5am, 3 April 2020, all of the greater Suva area will be going on lockdown: the Delanavesi Bridge on the Queen’s Road, the Sawani Junction, and the Nausori Bridge. 



All non-essential businesses will be closed.

From Friday 8pm, 3 April 2020, all social gatherings will be banned entirely, everywhere in Fiji. The 20 person limit now applies only to the workplace.

Bus operators, drivers, and riders must take measures to ensure physical distancing is practiced on all of Fiji’s buses. Spread out as much as possible, sanitise seats, and do not come into contact with others. 

More changes are being made to the extended restrictions locking down the Lautoka confined area until at least 5am on Tuesday, 7th of April 2020, and shall be announced later.

The boundaries of the confined area will be open to those who are seeking emergency medical care or kidney dialysis. Under close police escort, these individuals travel from the checkpoints directly to Lautoka Hospital.

All Fijians are requested to adhere and cooperate with the Authorities and directives issued by the Fijian Government. Increase in disobedience may lead to Fiji being cracked down with a nationwide 24-hour curfew.

Services Remaining in Operation within Greater Suva Area

  • Only those traveling for medical purposes will be allowed through checkpoints;

  • Supermarkets and shops selling food;

  • Restaurants can remain open, so long as they cut seating capacity below 20 people, practice safe physical distancing between tables and at queues, and must focus on takeaway and delivery orders. 

  • Banks

  • Pharmacies

  • FNPF

  • Essential business: air and rescue services, air traffic control services, civil aviation, telecommunication services, food and sanitary manufacturing plants, electricity services, emergency services, fire services, health and hospital services, lighthouse services, meteorological services, mine pumping, ventilation and winding, sanitary services, supply and distribution of fuel and gas, power, telecommunications, garbage collection, transport services, water and sewage services, FNPF and FRCS, civil service, private security services and roading services.

  • Civil Servants: Work from Home initative applies at the discretion of the Permanent Secretary.

  • Markets: decentralising markets into satellite markets to prevent overcrowding

  • The port of Suva will remain open for international freight shipping and inter-island cargo shipping; any passenger travel, however, remains forbidden; and

  • Implementation of the same AMA arrangement introduced in the Lautoka confined area to get food and produce into the Suva confined area


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