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Stronger Together Job Support Scheme

- 02 October 2020

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The Fijian Government, in the light of COVID-19 unemployment assistance, has announced a new hiring subsidy - the Stronger Together Jobs Support Scheme. 

To incentivize employers to create employment for out-of-work Fijians. Employers approved as “Stronger Together Employers” will be granted a wage subsidy equivalent to the minimum wage rate for a three-month period when they employ eligible Fijians.  


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Tax and Custom Incentives

- 25 September 2020


Every year, the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service implement various tax and customs incentives to encourage investment, trade and to strengthen our economy.

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Protocol to Remodel Nightclub as Tavern

- 25 September 2020


Due to outbreak of COVID-19, all nightclubs in Fiji were restricted from operations for safe precautionary measures. However, this restriction was eased and nightclubs could continue operations by remodelling, re-defining their characteristics and operate similarly as taverns.


For example, sitting arrangements, ventilation, atmosphere and so forth to be similar to pubs with COVID Safe Precautions in place.

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Fijian Made


- 25 September 2020

The Fijian Made – Buy Fijian Campaign is a national branding initiative of the Fijian Government. The Campaign promotes Fijian products and services in the domestic, regional and international markets.


The Campaign is spearheaded by the Ministry, to promote and raise the profile of Fijian made products through branding and marketing strategies.

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COVID-19 Concessional Loan Package

- 14 May 2020


The Fijian Government has announced COVID-19 Concessional Finance Support Packages to aid Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in Fiji. These packages are tailor made to support existing, majority owned MSMEs severely impacted by the global COVID-19 economic fallout.


Applications will be made available on Monday 8 June 2020 and will close on Tuesday 30 June 2020.

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Amazon 101: Helping businesses through COVID-19

- 14 May 2020

Amazon is holding a free online webinar specifically focused at getting offline businesses onto their platform for the first time. Representatives from the company will guide you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. We encourage small, medium & large Fijian businesses to watch the webinar.

Topic: Amazon 101: Helping businesses through COVID-19

Agenda: This webinar will provide you with the tips and resources you need to move your offline business online at this critical time.

When:       Wednesday, 20 May 2020, *7pm – 8pm;

Friday, 22 May 2020, *1pm – 2pm


Cost: Free

*Kindly note a change in timing


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Fiji Airways - Weekly Freight Services

- 21 April 2020

Maintaining the supply chain to move goods is vita, especially at times like these. Fiji Airways have established weekly freight services, to help your business plan supply logistics to/from Fiji with complete peace fo mind. 

Space of freighter service is limited and available on a first-come-first served basis. Book through your freight forwarder or contact Fiji Airway's dedicated Cargo Managers for assistance.


Fiji - Hare Parker : +679 990 7597

Australia - Kristy Winchester : +61 4 193 143 16

New Zealand - Azhar Buksh : +64 2 162 7260

USA - Kathleen Miller : +31 0 999 5966

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Business Link Pacific COVID-19 100% Subsidy Package Support: Terms and Conditions


- 09 April 2020

Following Business Link Pacific’s (BLP) announcement on the COVID-19 100% Subsidy Package Support for BLP approved business advisors (BASPs), this document outlines the terms and conditions of the package.  


  • 100% subsidies to a maximum value NZD 5,000 (local currency equivalent) per subsidy will be available through approved BLP business advisors (BASPs). BASPs can apply for multiple subsidies, however 100% subsidies will be limited, at least initially, to one per SME.

  • Subsidy requests over NZD 5,000 and/or multiple subsidies for the same SME will be considered on a case by case basis.

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List of Approved Operations during Lockdown and Respective Regulations


- 09 April 2020

Industries to be considered for operations in the lockdown areas – this is subject to any changes to the COVID-19 situation in Fiji:

Essential Businesses:

  • Air and Rescue Services;

  • Air Traffic Control Services, civil aviation;

  • Telecommunication services

  • Food and sanitary manufacturing plants;

  • Electricity Services;

Additional Industries Approved to Operate:

  • Support Industries to the Food Manufacturing Sector; (these are industries that supply packaging material, labels and pellet wrappings);

  • Textile, Clothing and Footwear; (to complete current orders and position for new orders);

  • Container, Cartage, Supply and Logistics;

  • Support services for fuel industries;


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Industries Update:

Protocol for Nation-Wide Curfew


- 07 April 2020

As announced by the Hon. Prime Minister, in order to minimise non-essential movement of Fijians, in Fiji’s bid to contain Coronavirus (COVID-19), the nation-wide curfew hours has been extended to 8pm to 5am daily, from 10pm to 5am, from 3rd April 2020.


There are industries and certain service providers who require staff to do shift work or may need staff to address emergency calls.


In this regard, all industry players have been advised by the Hon. Attorney-General that they will need to ensure all staff who are required to work during curfew hours should carry the following:


  1. Company Photo ID cards, in the absence of company ID, the staff will need to carry a valid National photo ID, such as Voter ID, Joint ID or Driver’s License;

  2. Letter on company letter issued to staff that they are required to work during that specific time; and

  3. National Contact Centre telephone contact (where applicable) to verify the claims of the staff. Where there is no contact centre, a contact officer should be identified and contact details provided.


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List of Businesses Allowed to Continue Operations

- 04 April 2020

The Honorable Attorney General and Minister for Economy yesterday (4 April 2020) announced a list of business sectors which will be allowed to operate from Monday 6 April 2020. These businesses can operate provided they are able to maintain clean environment, do sanitized wipe down of operations and maintain social distancing. Also workers only from lock down/confined are allowed to go to work.

For those businesses who have Farms/warehouses outside Suva, mechanisms have been worked by Fiji Police out to allow for supplies to come in for example swap of drivers etc at the border.

These provisions are made to allow for life to continue in the lockdown area, but emphasis is also placed on the need to maintain the rules set in place. 

Sectors to Operate from Monday 6 April 2020:

  • Support Industries to Food Manufacturing Sector, such as packaging manufactures, labelling and palette wrapping ;

  • Textile and Clothing Industries with demands or have to complete orders from Overseas;

  • Transportation, Container, Cartage, Supply and Logistics; e.g logistics to and from ports and shops;

  • Support Services for fuel industries – cartage of fuel, maintenance/repairs of pipelines;

  • IT Support : annual maintenance, system crash;

  • Gas Suppliers;

  • Locksmiths – can operate on call;

  • Plumbing – on call services;

  • Electrical services and air-conditioning services – on call services;

  • Beverage Companies, who may also exporting;

  • Tobacco Manufacturing Plants;

  • Poultry Industry;

  • Hardware services;

  • Insurance companies and public trustees;

  • Construction Sector.


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Industries Update:

Protocol for Nation-Wide Curfew


- 28 March 2020

The Hon. Attorney-General and Minister for Economy together with the Hon. Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Local Government, Housing and Community Development today met with industries to develop clear protocols to manage movement of staff during the nation-wide curfew period.


As announced by the Hon. Prime Minister, in order to minimise non-essential movement of Fijians, in Fiji’s bid to contain Coronavirus (COVID-19), there will be a nation-wide curfew in place from Monday, 30 March 2020.  This curfew will apply daily from 10pm to 5am.


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Reserve Bank of Fiji

Announced an accommodative monetary policy stance along with policy initiatives to support the private sector and households:

  • Expand its Natural Disaster and Rehabilitation Facility to include businesses affected by epidemics/pandemic;

  • Renamed the Disaster Rehabilitation and Containment Facility. Total allocation for this facility has been raised to $60 million. Businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can access funds under this facility through their respective commercial banks, licensed credit institutions or the Fiji Development Bank at an interest rate of up to a maximum of 5.0 percent.

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On 18 March 2020, reduced its overnight policy rate (OPR) to 0.25 percent from 0.50 percent following the Bank’s assessment of the global effects of the recent coronavirus outbreak and its implications on Fiji’s GDP growth and the RBF’s twin monetary policy objectives.

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Financial Institutions

HFC Bank is now offering the following incentive for its customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic;


  • a loan repayment holiday;

  • restructure loans (re-negotiate terms and conditions including term extension, interest-only concessions and debt consolidation), short term funding or top-up loans for business continuity and support and enabling customers to access any government or Reserve Bank of Fiji initiative stimulus package;

  • reduction on overnight borrowing policy rate by 0.25 per cent, in line with the recent RBF announcement.

  • customers affected would be assessed and depending on their circumstances, they would be assisted through one of the four relief options on offer.

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Financial Institutions


ANZ Pacific Introduces COVID-19 Customer Support Measures;


  • A reduction of 0.50% per annum on all local currency overdrafts for commercial customers (effective 6 April);

  • A reduction of 0.50% per annum on all local currency variable term loans for commercial customers (effective 1 May);

  • A reduction of 0.50% per annum on all local currency variable home loans and personal loans(effective 1 May);

  • Removal of monthly loan administration charges for term loans for both retail and commercial customers (effective 1 May);

  • A waiver on loan restructuring fees for commercial customers on a case-by-case basis;

  • A reduction in repayment amounts for commercial customers in line with the reduced interest rates.

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BSP Offers Relief Packages

Commercials loans – an arrangement for interest-only repayments for up to three months for affected sectors on a case by case basis.

Personal loans – three month repayment holiday (principal and interest) for those impacted by reduced hours or loss of employment with term extended accordingly

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Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture Announced Agriculture COVID-19 Response Package to ensure access to adequate food of acceptable quality and nutritional value is not affected.


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