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Ministry of Agriculture Announces Agriculture COVID-19 Response

An Agriculture Response Package for COVID-19 will be implemented to ensure access to adequate food of acceptable quality and nutritional value is not affected.


(i) Home Gardening Programme, whereby over the next 3 months, Ministry of Agriculture will reach all households in small towns around Fiji. In large municipalities, the Ministry plans to target at least 30 percent of the households. This will lead to an increase in the number of distribution venues together with the number of packages from 50 packages per venue to 150 packages per venue, in large towns and cities.

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(ii) Farm Support Package will aim to boost production of short-term crops by providing seeds and planting materials to farmers around Fiji. The initiative will include the strengthening of the Ministry’s seed distribution system.


Free seeds for short-term crops will be distributed at no cost to the farmer. The distribution will be limited to 1/4 acre per crop, whereby every farmer will be assisted with one short-term crop. The targeted crops are Taro, Cassava, Rice, Kumala, Duruka, Eggplant, Chillies, Okra, Tomatoes, Maize, Bitter gourd, Pidgeon pea, and Cowpea.


These seeds and planting materials will be distributed via all Agricultural Extension Offices beginning on 30 March 2020.


To access this assistance, applicants need only fill an Agriculture COVID Response Form available at all Ministry of Agriculture offices nationwide.


The Ministry will organise seeds and planting materials before they are delivered to distribution venues and the distribution process will happen simultaneously at all venues in the Western, Central, Northern, and Eastern Divisions over six weeks.


The response package was designed on the basis for the provision of access to nutritious and healthy foods and as a direct link to increasing the nation's food self-sufficiency, reducing the reliance on food imports and placing emphasis on restricted movement, which would promote the practicality of homegrown foods through home gardening.


For more information, please contact the Ministry of Agriculture