FAQs (Obtaining Construction Permits)

Do I have to go through the processes in sequence?

You are required to go through the processes in stages as highlighted in the three major stages. Some steps within each stage can be carried concurrently to reduce processing time. These steps are highlighted within the processes itself.

I do not see services from some authorities such as the Water Authority of Fiji. Why is that?

In some of the services, the authorities will work with one other agencies to process the application. This ensures that the processing is carried out more efficiently. This is the case with applications submitted to the Department of Town and Country Planning and the local authorities (E.g. Suva City Council).

My new development requires input from the Fiji Roads Authority. Should I contact them directly first?

Yes. In such cases, please email the Fiji Roads Authority for pre-consultation at planning@fijiroads.org

What is progress inspection?

For major developments of a certain size and complexity, authorities are required to conduct progress inspections. These inspections ensure that the construction adheres with previously approved plans. These inspections also allow developers to reduce the amount of time taken for the final inspection before obtaining the Certificate for Occupancy.

Can I get a copy of the approved building plans for my house or business?

Copies of approved plans from the Department of Town and Country Planning’s records are made available to landowners and leaseholders at a fee of FJD15.50.

Can the Director Town & Country Planning grant relaxations on setback requirements?

Yes. The Director Town and Country Planning has the discretion under the Town Planning Act General Provisions 1999 to relax the requirements of the provisions of the town planning schemes.