Starting A Business

As an investor or business owner, you will be required to register a legal entity in Fiji before you commence your business. Below is a step by step guide to take you through the process. 

Step-by-Step Guide: Registration

Register your Business Name

You are now ready to register your business with the Registrar of Companies. You will
need to prepare the ownership share and the type of business that you will be
engaged in.
Click HERE to register your business.

Register for Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Proceed to the Fiji Revenue and Customs Services (FRCS) to register for a Tax
Identification Number (TIN). FRCS is the agency responsible for collecting tax and duties on
behalf of the government. They also facilitate trade and travel activities through Fijian
Click HERE to register for Tax Identification Number (TIN).


All businesses will be classified as either Low Risk or High Risk. Low Risk businesses are allowed to start operations, and must comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements within 6 months of registration. Below are the steps for application for the post registration compliance. (Step-by-Step Guide: Post Registration Compliance) Businesses classified as High Risk, cannot start operating until all the relevant regulatory requirements are complied with. Click HERE to access the Business Risk Categorisation Table. This table highlights the risk categories and post registration compliance for each business type.

Step-by-Step Guide: Post Registration Compliance

Obtain National Fire Authority Certificate

The National Fire Authority is in charge of assessing your business to ensure
that the premise is properly equipped with safety devices to operate in a safe
Click HERE for more details.

Compliance to Occupational Health and Safety

The National Occupational Health and Safety Services (OHS) ensure compliance
by any business with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1996 through the administration of the OHS Business License. All businesses are to apply for this license with the Ministry of
Click HERE for more details.

Register as an Employer

In compliance with sections 34 and 35 of the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) Act 2011, all businesses must register as an employer with FNPF. As a registered business owner, you must register any employees hired for your business operations. Click HERE for more details.

Register for Fiji National University Levy

Fiji National University (FNU) is in charge of collecting levy imposed on emoluments (exemption stated in FNU Levy Order). In compliance with the FNU Act 2010, all businesses are to register with FNU to facilitate the payment of the bi-annual levy. Click HERE for more details.


For foreign companies, the Foreign Investment Registration Certificate is required, on top of the requirements above.

Step-by-Step Guide: Additional Requirement

Foreign Investment Registration Certificate

If you are not a Fijian citizen or your business is based outside Fiji, you will need to obtain a Foreign Investment Registration Certificate from Investment Fiji. They act as the liaison between Fijian Government agencies and private sectors, both regionally and internationally. Click HERE for more details.