bizHelp is for those individuals or potential business owners who wish to start a business or for existing business owners who wish to access advise and do not know where to reach out. Below is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help get a start. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the processes for setting up a business?

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Please explain the different types of business models and what am I required to do for reigstration?

Under the 2015 Companies Act, there are various types of business structures that you can register for and the most common business structures are stated below :

  • Sole Trader
  • Partnership
  • Company – Private Company or Public Company
  • Co-operatives
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I have just lost my job and am thinking of starting a business, what licenses do I need to apply for?

Depending on the type of business you want to operate, you will have to ensure that you follow the respective laws. All process to setting up a business starts with registration of business name or company, with the Registrar of Companies, this is an online process and the link is available in the section “ Starting a Business” of this portal. Once the registration is completed, you will need to register for tax identification number. If you are going to operate a sole trader business, then you can use your personal tax number. If you don’t have a tax number. You can go to the “ Starting a Business” section of this portal and complete the online tax registration process.

Post registration, you must determine your business risk catergroy. Businesses are classified as either Low Risk or High Risk. Low Risk businesses are allowed to start operations, and must comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements within 6 months of registration. Below are the steps for application for the post registration compliance. (Step-by-Step Guide: Post Registration Compliance)

Businesses classified as High Risk, cannot start operating until all the relevant regulatory requirements are complied with.

Click HERE to access the Business Risk Categorisation Table. This table highlights the risk categories and post registration compliance for each business type.

How do I know which category my business falls within?

High Risk

Businesses classified as high risk will not be eligible to operate, unless they meet other legislative requirements/relevant compliance requirements such as acquisition of OHS, NFA, Health License, Liquor License, etc.

Low Risk

Businesses classified as low risk are eligible to start operation upon completion of (i) Business name registration and (ii) TIN registration.

For businesses which are being established in a building compliant with OHS and NFA requirements, do not need to re-obtain these certification. In cases where the building is refurbished to suit the business needs, the business will need to obtain both, OHS and NFA certifications.

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What are the existing provisions, for me to start a business from home?

Fijians now have the provision for Home-Based Business, provided they meet the following provisions:

  • Owner to reside on the property;
  • Signage not to be more than 1 square meter in size;
  • Not to use mechanical or electrical equipment that is noisy or causes nuisance or disturbance;
  • Not more than 3 employees
  • Not store or display any material of equipment associated with the business outside the property where the business is carried out including the garage, verandah or the awn
  • Don’t change the structure of the principle property
  • Not create any pedestrian or vehicular traffic or parking in excess of what is necessary.

If my business is classified under high risk, what other requirements do I have to meet?

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What am I required to do to ensure my business is complying with the tax requirements?

You can refer to the following link or get in touch with a tax agent for advice.

What taxes should I register my business for?

When you register for Tax Identification Number (TIN) you will be able to register for the different taxes. You can refer to the following link or get in touch with a tax agent for advice.

Can the one online registration for Tax Identification Number (TIN) register my business for all the relevant taxes that businesses pay in Fiji?

Yes, you can register for the relevant tax requirements through the online process.

If I do not meet the other statutory requirements within the 6 months from beginning of my business, what can happen?

As a start-up you will be given 6 months to comply with other legal requirements. These include things such as, NFA, OHS, FNPF, registration with FNU to name a few. These are legal requirements that you have to comply with. If your business is already in a building that has been certified by NFA and OHS and it is valid, and you have not made any structural changes to the building, then you can use the valid certification. However, as soon as you hire staff you need to ensure FNPF and FNU registration are complied with. If you are not complying with any legal requirements, then the relevant agency can take action against you in line with their legislation and also recommend closure of business and cancellation of business license.

Who can I contact to get advice on setting up a business and assist me through the process?

You can contact any Companies offices at the following location. Or contact the Business Advisory Officers at MSME Fiji on the following numbers:

  1. Central/Eastern Division - +679 998 6503 or +679 990 7398
  2. Western Division - +679 990 4340
  3. Northern Division – +679 990 4337
In addition, support and advice is available at Business Link Pacific or call Mr Ramesh Chand – +679 998 6577