Industries Update

List of Approved Operations during Lockdown and Respective Regulations

- 09 April 2020

Industries to be considered for operations in the lockdown areas – this is subject to any changes to the COVID-19 situation in Fiji:

Essential Businesses:

  • Air and Rescue Services;

  • Air Traffic Control Services, civil aviation;

  • Telecommunication services

  • Food and sanitary manufacturing plants;

  • Electricity Services;

  • Emergency Services, Fire Services, Health and Hospital Services;

  • Lighthouse services, meteorological services;

  • Mine pumping, ventilation and winding;

  • Sanitary Services;

  • Supermarkets, Banks and Pharmacies;

  • Supply and Distribution of fuel and Gas power

  • Telecommunications

  • Garbage collection;

  • Transport Services

  • Water and Sewage Services;

  • FNPF and FRCS, Civil Services

  • Private Security Services;

  • Roading Services


Additional Industries Approved to Operate:

  • Support Industries to the Food Manufacturing Sector; (these are industries that supply packaging material, labels and pellet wrappings);

  • Textile, Clothing and Footwear; (to complete current orders and position for new orders);

  • Container, Cartage, Supply and Logistics;

  • Support services for fuel industries;

  • For support services and laying of pipelines;

  • IT suppliers - support and equipment (Supporting connectivity for essential industries);

  • Gas Suppliers to other industries - Only for supplies to Supermarkets, factories and apartments;

  • Locksmith -Only for on-call services and not opening of retail outlets;

  • Plumbing Services -Only for on-call services and not opening of retail outlets;

  • Electrical Services - Only for on-call services and not opening of retail outlets;

  • Air-conditioning Services - Only for on-call services and not opening of retail outlets;

  • Beverages - export and domestic supply;

  • Manufacturing such as, cigarettes, building materials and furniture;

  • Construction Industry;

  • Professional Services related to the Construction Industry;

  • Engineers, Architects, Surveyors;

  • Insurance Service Providers ;

  • Fiji Public Trustee Corporation (Pte) Limited;

  • Fertiliser and Feed manufacturers;

  • Poultry industry;

  • Hardware Suppliers;

  • Tyre and Vehicle spare parts Suppliers;

  • Hotels - provided strict quarantine rules are adhered to;

  • Funeral Services, Hearse, crematorium services

Movement across Border to Outside Areas of the Lockdown Area - Rules to Adhere:
All truck crossing the borders will need to adhere to the prescribed sanitization requirements. These include, the driver of the vehicle to be swapped at the border, after they have completed the proper sanitization process.  The vehicle needs to be thoroughly sanitized.

In the event of a specialized vehicle, such as, fuel tankers, garbage disposal and construction vehicle, to name a few, that can only be driven by a qualified driver. The driver of the vehicle should not get off the cab, the vehicle will need to be sanitized at the border. The driver will drive the vehicle directly to the site and offloading will be conducted without the driver getting of the vehicle.


Contact for Clarifications or Additional Details:

Please call your nearest Command Center/Divisional Center if you need any assistance, or border control clarifications or need safety advisories issued by authorities.