Handling Taxation Matters

As an investor or business owner, you will be required to adhere to the Tax Laws of Fiji. Understand more about the different Tax and Duties for operating a business in Fiji.

Handling Taxation Matters

Business Taxes, Duties and Levies

Depending on the nature of your business activity, you may be required to register for and pay certain taxes. Some of the relevant taxes for businesses in Fiji include: Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Environment & Climate Adaptation Levy, Fringe Benefit Tax and Provisional Tax. Click HERE for more details.

Customs Procedures For Import and Export

Customs Procedures refer to the treatment of goods by Customs administrations which is covered in the Customs Act. The procedures cover the whole range of the Customs systems of control and facilitation of imported and exported goods, the movement of passengers, and goods in transit. Click HERE for more details.

Tax and Customs Incentives

Every year, the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service implements various tax and customs incentives to encourage investment, trade and to strengthen the Fiji economy. Click HERE for more details.