Getting Electricity For Business

Energy Fiji Limited is a limited liability company formed in April 2018 under the Companies Act (2015) and operates on four islands – Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Ovalau and Taveuni. It is the successor company to Fiji Electricity Authority.

Energy Fiji Limited is responsible for generation, transmission, distribution and retail of electricity on the four islands listed above. It is entrusted with enforcing the Electricity Act (2017) and Electricity Regulations (2019).

If any business owner requires access to grid-connected electricity for their business operations on any of the four islands listed above, then they will be required to contact Energy Fiji Limited either through their website or one of the offices.

In addition to the above, Energy Fiji Limited, under an agreement with the independent regulator Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission, is responsible for carrying out various technical regulatory functions such as inspection of installations and administering the licensing of electricians and electrical contractors.  

Step-by-Step Guide: New Connections

Documents Required For A New Connection

Business Customer Requirements

1. A completed Application for Permanent Permit & Power Supply form signed and stamped by your licensed contractor

2. Valid Photo Identification: -


b. Drivers License

c. Passport

d. Voter Registration Card

e. Birth certificate with passport size photo if you do not have a Photo Identification

3. T.I.N. Letter & Business License

4. Proof of Ownership

a. Property Title – for Home Owners

b. Landlord Consent or Tenancy agreement – if you are Renting

5. Locality Map showing the location of development, with engineering plans of site layout and after-diversity maximum demand for the installation.

Submission of Documents

Prospective customers can submit their documents through the Noqu EFL portal by first creating an account and then submitting their application with required supporting documentation. Click HERE to access Noqu EFL Portal.

Information on Tariffs and Connection Requests

Click Here for more details on Tariffs. Click Here for more details on Connection Requests.

Connection of New Commercial/Industrial Development

Click HERE for more details

Prospective customers can also visit any of the following EFL customer service centers to make an enquiry or lodge an application: