Request for Corridor Access Request (CAR)

If you are planning to carry out any work or activity that affects the normal operation of the road, footpath or berm, you must submit a Corridor Access Request (CAR) before you start CARs ensure that all work is done safely and complies with national regulations & code of practice which is available on the FRA website. 

All CAR request needs to be submitted directly to the FRA. Approval of the FRA is required before commencement of any work.


In 2019, an online submission system ‘Submitica’ is planned to be implemented as an online submission and approval platform. 


Service Availability

0800 - 1630H [Mon - Thurs]

0800 - 1600H [Fri]

Excluding weekends & public holidays


Service Turnaround Time

5 working days subject to the complete submission of documents 


Required Forms



Refer to code of practice on FRA website


Supporting Documents

- Approvals issued by the Municipal Council/DTCP
- Copy of Traffic Management Plan (TMP) as per Code of Practise for Temporary Traffic Management available on FRA website


Service Fee

For all trenching works:
1. If an applicant engage the service of a FRA experienced contractor (No fee)
2. If an applicant provide a retention sum to be returned following FRA approval of all works (No fee)
3. Applicant can request FRA to arrange contractor for Temporary Traffic Management excavation, backfilling, compaction & reinstatement for FJD 1000/metre of trenching works (discounted rates for long trenching activities)
Deposit with balance returned to applicant following contractor payment
All other CAR applications have no fee.


Contact Person

General Manger Delivery Central
Tel: +679 3100114

General Manger Delivery West

Tel: +679 8919017

General Manger Delivery North

Tel: +679 8919019