Application for Structural Fire Safety Compliance Certificates

In compliance to National Building Code of Fiji under Public health Act, all building must be constructed as per approved plans and to be inspected by NFA after completion, to confirm  compliance to minimum requirements (with reference to Australia and New Zealand standards) as follows:

1) fire resistance and stability

2) access and egress  

3) fire services and equipment
4) Building Use
5)  Fire Load
All  structural and services completion certification must be submitted before final inspection for new structures.
Any alteration to building designs must be submitted before completion phase.

Service Availability

0800 - 1630H [Mon - Thurs]

0800 - 1600H [Fri]

Excluding weekends & public holidays

Service Turnaround Time

4 working days subject to complete submission of applications

Required Forms


Fire Safety Requirement reports

Supporting Documents

1.Fire Engineers Completion Reports in Building more than $2mil in value and where sprinkler is required). The engineer must be a certified member of the Institute of Fire Engineers.

2.Completion certification for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

3. Test Reports for Building Emergency System

Service Fee

SFS 3: Schedule of fees

Contact Person

Central HQ - Structural Fire Safety Department Station Officer

Tel: +679 3392255; Mobile: +679 9980554

Central HQ - Structural Fire Safety Department Sub-officer Planning 

Tel: +679 3392255; Mobile: +670 9980554

Northern - Structural Fire Safety Department, Sub-Officer North

Tel: +679 8811333; Mobile: +670 9987530

Western - Structural Fire Safety Department, Sub-Officer West

Tel: +679 6660211 Ext 107; Mobile: +670 9987529

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