New Water Connection Application

Installation and Connection of New Water meter

Service Availability

0800 - 1630H [Mon - Thurs]

0800 - 1600H [Fri]

Excluding weekends & public holidays

Service Turnaround Time

15 working days Inspection
15 working days installation from the time of payment

Required Forms


Checklist within application forms

Supporting Documents

- Proof of ownership(title)

- Sketch map

- Business TIN

- Plumbers License Copy

- Owners ID with TIN

Service Fee

Application fee FJD 101.00 plus installation fee

(To be determined after inspection)

Contact Person

Water Authority of Fiji

Tel: +679 3346777 / 5777(mobile short code)

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Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport

Level 2 and 3, Civic Tower, Victoria Parade, Suva

Tel: +679-3305411

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