Inspection and Connection of New Customer/Electrical Installation OR

Progress Inspections for New Building/Complex

Progress Inspection / Inspection & Connection of customers to the EFL power grid upon compliance with Electricity Act Cap 180 Regulations, and AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules (latest edition)

Service Availability

0800 - 1630H [Mon - Thurs]

0800 - 1600H [Fri]

Excluding weekends & public holidays

Service Turnaround Time

14 working days subject to complete submission of documents, and payment of relevant deposit, metering and inspection fees (Per Inspection)

<Concurrent with SCC Initial Inspection Request and Water Authority of Fiji's inspection>

Required Forms


Supporting Documents

Copy of title/lease document, Business Registration, VAT Registration Certificate, Tax Compliance/Registration Certificate

Service Fee

Security Deposit – dependent on customer electrical load (minimum deposit $90 for commercial) Deposit is refundable


Metering fees – relevant to 2 phase and 3 phase customers only (2phase - 166.80, 3 phase (direct) - $250.25, 3 phase electronic meter $297.60, 200/5 3ph CT - $1,908, 800/5 CT 3ph  $2,335.45

Inspection & Connection Fees (VIP)- $71.10 for single phase customers, $127 for 2 phase customers; $169.65 for 3 phase customers (up to a maximum  load of 80 per phase), $339.30 for CT connected customers; $375.35 for MD customers

Contact Person

Unit Leader Regulatory
Tel: +679 3224304

Inspection Co-ordinator Western
Tel: +679 6656462
Inspection Co-ordinator Central & Northern
Tel: +679 3224140

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