Application for Inspection of foundation work/structure/roof/project completion

In compliance with  Fiji  Building Code, Town Planning Act, Environment Management Act, Public Health Act, OHS Act, Subdivision By-Laws as well as requirements by the Fiji Road Authority , National Fire Authority , Water Authority of Fiji. (where required), all major development applications must be submitted to the City Council. 

OHS: Ensure that the building:
- is constructed in accordance with OHS approved plans.
- is safe for workers and non-workers and relevant amenities and facilities are provided.

After the developer has completed construction/alteration of the building, the owner and developer must then request the local authority and OHS to inspect the building using their previous correspondences (Stage 2: Building Plan Approval Stage). Please note that owners will need to work with Energy Fiji Ltd and Water Authority of Fiji separately for their services. 


Service Availability

0800 - 1630H [Mon - Thurs]

0800 - 1600H [Fri]

Excluding weekends & public holidays


Service Turnaround Time

OHS: 3 working days on the conditions that all requirements are met. 

Local Authority: Subject to the complexity of the building and endorsement by all other authorities (EFL, WAF, OHS, NFA) 


Required Forms

Refer to correspondences from Stage 2





Supporting Documents



Service Fee

OHS: FJD 110 per hour of inspection

Local Authority: Nil (Including in Stage 2)


Contact Person

SCC Enquiry Counter


Tel: +679 3313433 Ext 305/306